“Writing about sex” was more than just banging on about genitals, lost loves, vibrators and the Kama Sutra. Instead, it became an exploration into one of the most potent, honest aspects of our humanity – our sexual selves and the relationships we create. It was like being given VIP entrance to the sweaty, intimate back room hidden behind the polite interactions people hand each other…’

The Dot Spot is a (self) love guide. A ‘how to love and fuck without losing your mind’ love and lust guide. It’s basically a collection of everything I’ve learnt about being in sex and relationships over the last 10 years or so of writing about it.

I’ve divided the book into six chapters, grouping the info in a way that makes sense to me (check the contents page below).

This isn’t a ‘book for women’. This isn’t a ‘women’s issues’ book. BUT my language is heavily slanted to speaking about women’s sexuality and how to step into that power. Men are reading it and parents are giving it to their teens (gals and guys), if that is any indication.

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