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The Dot Spot – Adventures in Love and Sex is now sold out but for 20 copies. It is no longer available on Amazon. If you would like to purchase a signed copy, drop me a mail here.

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‘Well-known sex writer, Dorothy Black, has finally written a book. Her blog, The Dot Spot, has been immensely popular because of its honest, no-holds-barred attitude to talking about sex and dating. Black’s book,The Dot Spot. Adventures in Love and Sex, is just as frank, witty, and informative. There are plenty of books about sex, dating, and relationships. But few are as accessible, as readable as Black’s. She’s unafraid of revealing her own history and experiences with the various topics, which helps the reader relate to her.’ – Andrea van Wyk, And The Plot Thickens and PowerFM Read the full review 

‘Her voice is youthful and playful, yet firm and assertive, and she writes in the same easy-going manner in which she converses. If Black had her way, there would be discussions about sex and relationships at family dinners, over coffee, around the kitchen table, in schools, and in university halls … Her book will and must contribute comprehensively to such vital conversations.’ – Sue Grant-Marshall, Business Day Read the full review

‘Dorothy Black’s down-to-earth writing style takes sex out of the shame closet and makes it something we can really talk about. The Dot Spot is a journey of sexual self-discovery for anyone wanting to broaden their horizons and boost their sexual self-esteem.’ – Dr Trina Read, sexologist and author of Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible

‘She is the friend that you share all your juicy details with (the one your mother’s not particularly fond of) and the one that reads you the riot act when you’re still fussing over that guy who’s stringing you along’ – Louise Ferreira, Beeld. Read the full review. 

‘So many gems in this book, [it] gives a different meaning to “Let’s talk about sex…”’
– Shado Twala, SAFM

‘This is the book we need. This is the book every single woman needs, and probably quite a few men too. It’s the big sister we never had, even if we had a big sister. It’s the friend we can trust who knows more than we do but never makes us feel stupid. It’s the slightly crazy aunt we adore because she makes it okay to say stuff and ask questions, and she tells us the truth.’ – Kim Smith, Women24 Read the full review 

‘The Dot Spot is a really excellent book about sex.’ – Karin Schimke, book reviewer, poet, author

‘Packed with non-judgmental, common sense, and morally sound advice on love and dating.’ – Jean Barker, filmmaker and author of Zana 

‘This book says everything I would like to tell my daughters about relationships and sex, but never have. It is a light, funny, readable book that makes a significant, important and empowering contribution to the conversation challenging the “good normal”. I have already recommended it to clients, friends and family aplenty…’ – Katy Menell, counsellor




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[ARTICLE] Sue Grant-Marshal, Business Day, 15 April > Read it here

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The Dot Spot book

“Writing about sex” was more than just banging on about genitals, lost loves, vibrators and the Kama Sutra. Instead, it became an exploration into one of the most potent, honest aspects of our humanity – our sexual selves and the relationships we create. It was like being given VIP entrance to the sweaty, intimate back room hidden behind the polite interactions people hand each other…’

The Dot Spot is a (self) love guide. A ‘how to love and fuck without losing your mind’ love and lust guide. It’s basically a collection of everything I’ve learnt about being in sex and relationships over the last 10 years or so of writing about it.

I’ve divided the book into six chapters, grouping the info in a way that makes sense to me (check the contents page below).

This isn’t a ‘book for women’. This isn’t a ‘women’s issues’ book. BUT my language is heavily slanted to speaking about women’s sexuality and how to step into that power. Men are reading it and parents are giving it to their teens (gals and guys), if that is any indication.

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Amazon Worldwide

Well. I say ‘worldwide’, but really right now I just mean US/CA/UK. Which is fine by me. Hard copies will be available in Canada and UK, so if you preorder it, it will come. Currently is only offering the Kindle version.

Amazon Canada 

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Amazon Kindle

Now available in Canada


Bonjour mes petites prunes!! If you’re in Canada (maybe this also applies to the States), you can now order my hard copy book via

Clickety click tappity tap

It’s available on Kindle in the States though, but Canadianlanders apparently still need to request this wild version of high tech reading via the Amazon page before either my publishers or international rights whatsits catch a wake-up. (There’s a little ‘Want the Kindle version? Ask the publishers’ button on the page.)

What’s that aboot hey?

Anyhow, I’m pretty stoked.

Some bio stuff

Hey there. I’m a writer, columnist and journalist with a passion for relationships and self-empowerment. I write across a wide variety of print and digital platforms, spanning magazine and newspaper features, columns and screenplays (all under a variety of different pen names), and have a ton of wordy fun on my site

Some random shit: I live in Cape Town, South Africa. The Dot Spot is my first book (published Feb 2016) and I’m currently working on some short stories while I let the idea of a follow-up to this book stew for a bit.

Also I love parrots quite a lot. I’ll update this bio as I go.

The writing process


While I was writing The Dot Spot I blogged quite a bit about it. Since I started blogging in 2006 the site has been something of a release valve for a lot of my life’s…er…’learning moments’, shall we call them, and writing my first book was no different. If you’re keen to read up the process (I know some people are interested), here are some links you might enjoy (from earliest posts to latest)…

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